What’s On the Council Agenda (9/15)?

Newly installed rock at Fresh Pond. Was a study committee needed to move this rock?

Newly installed rock at Fresh Pond. Was a study committee needed to move this rock?

Items of note on the Council’s agenda tomorrow:

Policy Order #4 schedules roundtable meetings between the council and the planning board on 12/1 and 1/12. The Vice Mayor said that it would be inappropriate to support the Carlone petition without first having held roundtable discussions with the planning board, but there seems to be no sense of urgency to have these conversations. (There’s been no word on the proposed study committee to review planning board procedures either.) Roundtables are discussions where no vote is taken. The public may attend but can only comment in writing. A roundtable with the Affordable Housing Trust is proposed for 10/6.

Policy Order #5 seeks to schedule a meeting to discuss whether to add city-wide planning to the council’s goals in FY16. Still no word on the status of the citywide master planning process that ought to be underway by then….
Policy Order #6 considers whether to install a “No Left Turn” sign from Huron Avenue onto Royal Avenue during the morning and evening rush hours. The recent rise in cut through traffic may have been prompted by construction on other streets — Walden, Appleton and Huron itself. The very residents who say it is needed would themselves be unable to make the left turn during those hours. It’s a dicey left turn at any hour due to the blind curve. And cars trying to exit Royal onto Concord in either direction have a tough time when traffic is backed up at the Concord-Huron light.
Policy Order #7 asks the state police for increased traffic enforcement on Memorial Drive following several accidents. There is also a petition to MIT to improve the crossing at sailing pavilion after a recent fatality there. The state’s recently approved environmental bond bill included $20m for safety improvements on Memorial Drive, but in the short term action is needed.
Policy Order #11 suggests requiring all city-owned and -contracted trucks to install side guards to protect cyclists in collisions. Councilor Carlone has a blog post explaining this in more detail.
You can email your opinions to council@cambridgema.gov (cc dlopez@cambridgema.gov) or call 617-349-4280 on Monday morning to sign up to speak. The meeting begins at 5:30 and will be held at CRLS in the Henrietta Alves meeting room where the School Committee meets (entrance on Broadway).

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