Come to a Neighborhood Meeting of the Fresh Pond Residents Alliance

Weds. May 24th, 6:30-8:30 pm at Tobin School

Get the latest information and vote on important issues.  A strong Neighborhood voice makes a difference! 


Projection of Alewife Flooding at Lanes & Games from Cambridge Climate Change Vulnerability Study data.

While the likelihood of flooding increases in our area, development is accelerating in the floodplain. And if you think traffic can’t get worse, think again. Come evaluate the 530-unit development at 55 Wheeler St. (formerly Abt).  Hear concerns about the Envision Cambridge planning process in Alewife. Make input into neighborhood positions.  


6:30 Current development reports:

  • Lanes & Games
  • The latest Tokyo proposal
  • Envision Planning in Alewife–major concerns about the process, discuss FPRA actions
  • Water main replacement and water quality impacts, discuss FPRA position
  • Your neighborhood issues

7:15  55 Wheeler Street (former Abt Assocs., behind Trader Joe’s)

  • Presentation of proposed 530-unit residential development
  • Question & Answer session
  • Member deliberation

8:30 Adjourn


1 thought on “Come to a Neighborhood Meeting of the Fresh Pond Residents Alliance

  1. “Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink”

    – Many shiny new buildings on CPD but nothing for people to do and/or eat here. Once an office park, always an office park?
    – Three new massive apartment complexes completed or near completed on Cambridge Park Dr (courtesy of McKinnon?).
    – The only place to get anything decent to eat on CPD was the Wholefoods Cafe which closed permanently two weeks ago because their headquarters moved out. Apparently the vacated space is going to be occupied by a cookie manufacturing company. Not sure if they plan to have any food service/cafe.
    – There is some sort of small office restaurant at the end of Cambridge park drive. I went there once but they were closed around 2PM.
    – There are food trucks that show up now and then but may not be to everyone’s tastes or dietary constraints.
    – Bertucci’s is sure getting a ton of customers.
    – There is a new office building coming up opposite Alewife station on CPD with retail/restaurant space. Not holding my breath to see when those will open and start serving.
    – There is lop-sided thinking going on here by the developers. Squeeze as many people as you can but don’t do anything in terms of providing amenities. Their suggestion goes: just get on the redline already.
    – Will the 55 Wheeler st developer get the pedestrian bridge built across the railroad tracks so their renters can quickly get to the redline? Haha, who am I kidding!


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