Consider the Record

Building green on Concord Ave & Wheeler Street

Building green on Concord Ave & Wheeler Street

A fact for your consideration:

Since the creation of the Project Review Special Permit in 2001, the Planning Board has never voted to deny a developer’s application for Sec. 19.20 zoning relief, with 49 approvals, 0 denials, and 2 withdrawals during the recession of 2003.

Think about it: NO very large project has been deemed a detriment to traffic and EVERY large project adheres to the urban design guidelines. 
Seriously? Then I’ve got a bridge to sell you! 
Come to City Hall Annex (344 Broadway) tonight (8/5) at 7pm to hear the Carlone petition’s case for giving the City Council final say over this category of special permit while the city develops a new Citywide Master Plan. 

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