“Nobody Goes There. It’s Too Crowded.”

DSC_0797Or, “You can’t get there from here.” These expressions describe Fresh Pond Parkway at certain hours, and yet over 2,000 new units of housing are in the pipeline with no improvements to the transit infrastructure in the Concord Alewife corridor. Just because these units are within a 1/2 mile of the Red Line terminus at Alewife does not mean that every new resident will forgo driving and hop on a bike; the units are also conveniently located right on a major regional artery that leads to Route 2 and Interstates 95 and 93, and to points west, south and north of Boston where many people also happen to work.
Here’s an excellent article by Meg Muckenhoupt that ran last fall in Cambridge Day and the Belmont Citizens Forum Newsletter by editor Meg Muckenhoupt that addresses the transit impact of market-driven (as opposed to carefully planned) incremental development around Alewife.
Meanwhile, our petition opposing the addition of 93 units at 75 New Street is over 160 signatures. Please take a moment to sign and read the comments from Cambridge residents fed up with high-density growth on narrow, poorly maintained streets that feed into the already clogged rotaries. See especially comment #125 from longtime Cantabrigian Stephen Kaiser, who provides some historical perspective on the Alewife and New Street area.
The end of New St., which originally served as the road to the city dump.

The end of New St., which originally served as the road to the city dump.


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